D E V I N   M I C H A E L   R O B E R T S

DEVIN MICHAEL ROBERTS (b. 1984) is an American contemporary realist artist working primarily in the mediums of oil and watercolor. His artworks have been featured in publications such as American Art Collector, Southwest Art and Plein Air Magazine.

Artist statement: I am an artist interested in the ethereal moments we experience when engaging with the natural world. My works is often a sort of collage of locations and memories that I shape together with imagination. When you let an experience with nature sit in your subconscious over time, the memories can blend together. You let go of unnecessary details and are left with a distilled version of the experience, a philosophy that guided such masters as J. M. W Turner and George Inness.


2018 En Plein Air Texas 1st place miniature painting competition "mini pearls of the concho" 

2018 En Plein Air Texas 2nd place quick draw 


2018 Plein Air Magazine Bi monthly- best nocturne or sunrise June/July 

2017 1st place- Quick Draw- Solomons Island Plein Air Festival

2017- 1st Place- Plein Air MagazineBimonthly Competition (June/July)

2017 – Honorable Mention- Quick Draw Event- Paint Palm Beach En Plein Air Festival (formerly Lighthouse Plein Air Festival)



2018 Feature article in Plein Air MagazineFebruary/March issue

2017- Southwest Artist Magazine- Artist of Note- August issue

2016- Plein Air Magazine- featured the painting “Autumn” in a story about shorelines.

2016- two-part feature on the Cyber Art Show