G A B E   B R O W N

The multilayered paintings of GABE BROWN combine a narrative of personal experience with colorful landscapes where geometric forms mix with the natural and man-made worlds of birds, ships and swirling, teardrop rainbows. She looks for the extraordinary in the ordinary, discerning the detail of things often overlooked, noticing “everyday events such as conversations between birds and the cellular structure of plant life.”  Her invented visual metaphors of representational and abstract forms create a strange world, depicted with a sense of whimsy and optimism, yet a serious appreciation of the bigger story.
Gabe: “Art is like magic, an illusion created by the force of humanity. Our choices in life can be amazing portals for adventure. For me, these portals present themselves through the process of painting: researching potent images, configuring them on canvas, and struggling to imbue them with a sense of myself and my own wonder at the enormous complexity of the world. …I hope that my painting is a secret recipe for creating an inner landscape of the human condition; narrative vignettes that are both alluring and mysterious. Nature, and those things existing in nature become metaphors for a strange and at times super reality, a parallel universe that questions the natural scheme of life itself.”