J. H U T C H I N S O N   F A Y

Currently a Connecticut resident, J. HUTCHINSON FAY is a native of Boston's North Shore. His solo exhibit Echolocation featured iconic, regional landmarks from Boston to Cape Ann. Deliberately isolated from their surroundings, the solitary landmarks exude a quietude seemingly unmarked by time. Although Fay works mostly in oils, a large-scale series showcases his mastery of other mediums as well. 


After formal schooling, Fay traveled through France. Surrounded by new landscapes and steeped in a different culture and way of life, he discovered a new level of artistic expression.  He returned to America with a renewed sense of adventure and freedom in his work.


"I am most interested in architecture and setting. I get to know different facets of my subject depending on the particular point of view I transfer to the canvas. The architecture and craftsmanship that goes into constructing an iconic landmark is what draws me to the subject. In creating its representation, I like to abstract details to evoke a certain atmospheric or emotional resonance. For example, I often paint my skies a solid color that may be interpreted as night or day. I like this sense of timelessness."